My Hoyas

Please, take in consideration that my Hoyas might not be correctly named as some of them were bought with a label and others were given me as cuttings, some of them with labels as well. But many of them I try to identify by searching in Cyber Space and those are named with a questionmark, since I'm far from sure. I do want correction if any are wrong labeled or if you know the right name. Mainly, the purpose of this side is to cataloug and hopefully find the true name. Hoyas unknown (okänd) I absolutly haven't got a clue. But do feel free to enjoy my photoes.

söndag 2 maj 2010

Hoya Publicalix & Hoya publicalix ‘ Silver Pink’

Hoya Publicalix
Helt ärligt så klarar jag inte att se skillnaden mellan dom här två. Bägge har jag fått av samma person med två olika märklappar; överst är Hoya Publicalix och under (nr 2)  är Hoya Publicalix ‘ Silver Pink’.
Hoya Publicalix 'Silver Pink'
I mina ögon ser dom ut som en och samma sort…

Och den sista här är min okända 10, som också ser ut som en Publicalix på bladen. Detta måste ju vara en och samma sort !

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hello Mia, just wanted to know if cactus fertiliser is suitable for hoya. What about fish emulsion? I am wondering why my hoya does not bloom as beautiful as yours.

    Enjoy these beauties :-D

  2. Good morning Mia! Noted your reply - it helps a lot. I appreciate gardener's experience. It surprises me when hoyas blooms in your location which is so much colder and different than its place of origin ;-) Maybe, they just love your tender loving care and home. Hence, reward you with their beautiful blooms. Have another great day!