My Hoyas

Please, take in consideration that my Hoyas might not be correctly named as some of them were bought with a label and others were given me as cuttings, some of them with labels as well. But many of them I try to identify by searching in Cyber Space and those are named with a questionmark, since I'm far from sure. I do want correction if any are wrong labeled or if you know the right name. Mainly, the purpose of this side is to cataloug and hopefully find the true name. Hoyas unknown (okänd) I absolutly haven't got a clue. But do feel free to enjoy my photoes.

lördag 12 januari 2013

Hoya Glabra ( ‘red’ ??)

Upptäckte idag att jag har knopp i min H. glabra  igen. Den som jag fick som ‘red’. Hoppas jag får se den blomma den här gången eller kommer knopparna ramla av igen..

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  1. Spennende med nye knopper! Håper den klarer ut utvikle seg denne gangen da. Nå blir jo dagene stadige lengre, og det gir jo håp om at knoppene klarer seg.